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Like other members of the Tuggeranong community, the Southern ACT Catchment Group (SACTCG) has become concerned about the recent outbreaks of blue-green algae in Lake Tuggeranong.

  •  bad smells and unappealing water colour make spending time at the Lake less enjoyable;
  •  toxins produced by this type of algae are a risk to public health & lead to regular closing of the lake;
  •  wildlife is also affected.

Lake Tuggeranong overflows into the Murrumbidgee River, so poor water quality in the lake system may have an impact on wildlife in the river, which is also sometimes used in Canberra’s drinking water supply.

SACTCG feels that it is time for us to protect our lake and create a safer and more pleasant environment at the centre of our community.


Download a flyer about the meeting on 22nd August 2012 (PDF 3.2 MB)

Download a Synopsis of the Draft Lake Tuggeranong Water Quality Assessment & Management Implications Report (PDF 57 KB)

Download a Report on the Lake's Social, Economic & Environmental Values (PDF 74 KB)

Outcomes from 9th July 2012 meeting:

Download Feedback from the meeting: What do you Think is so Special About the Lake (PDF 58 KB)

Download Actions people wanted taken (PDF 32 KB)

Download Group Discussions (PDF 117 KB)

Download Media Release from 12th July 2012 (PDF 1 MB)