Parkcarers of Southern Murrumbidgee - June activity

Planned activities: Erosion control, watering, fixing up tree guards and monitoring our previous plantings, and maybe digging/pulling out some serrated tussock.

Please wear suitable clothes and sturdy footwear, a sense of humour, and bring water.

Last month we planted several dozen Red box (Eucalyptus polyanthemos), Ribbon gums (E. viminalis), Black wattles (Acacia decurrens), Prickly tea-tree (Leptospermum continentale), Hop Bush (Dodonaea viscosa sp.) and something else I've forgotten. Lauren was the star planter! We looked for sites that would suit each species, with the shrubs being planted amongst some older gum trees away from the frost hollows. There were beautiful Sticky Everlastings (Xerochrysum viscosum) growing there, large yellow paper daisies, and plenty of Lomandra (native mat rush), so we're hoping to establish a bit more varied habitat in that area.

Paul worked hard pulling out star pickets from some of our leaky weirs that are established enough now to not need so many stakes. Deb fell down a wombat hole, which was pretty funny just after Paul had reminded her to watch out for them. We all had a good workout and it reminded us that you don't need to have a gym membership to get a workout when you're a parkcarer! Of course, there are also gentle jobs available if you don't want to push yourself that hard.

For more information about the POSM group, see the Parkcarers of Southern Murrumbidgee page.

Hope to see you all on the 22nd June.

Future activities are planned for the following dates in 2013:
July 20, August 24, September 21, October 19, November 23, December 14.