Photos - Sept 2013 - Parkcarers of Southern Murrumbidgee

Photos taken 21 September 2013

These photos were taken by Deb in the paddock above Barney's Gully.

Cymbonotus lawsonianus (Austral Bears-ear) or possibly C. preissianus

Wurmbea dioica (Early Nancy) - male flowers

Calotis anthemoides (Chamomile Burr-Daisy)

Asperula conferta (Common Woodruff)

Drosera peltata (Pale Sundew)

I also saw Stackhousia monogyna (Creamy Candles) but my camera batteries were flat.

On 24 August 2013 I took the following picture, and looked it up expecting it was something introduced. But I'm pretty sure it's Creeping Hovea climbing up dead plants beside a patch of blackberries sprayed last year.

Hovea heterophylla (Creeping Hovea)?