Parkcarers of Southern Murrumbidgee - November activity

Planned activities: This month we will be planting if the kind rangers can get us any seedlings. We'll also do some follow up watering of previous plantings if there's no rain, and some woody weed control if we have time. If anyone would like to take photos or record what is flowering and what animals we see, that would also be great.

Please wear suitable clothes and sturdy footwear, a sense of humour, and bring water. If you have a favourite planting or pruning tool bring that too.

View of the Murrumbidgee River at Point Hut Crossing, taken from Point Hut Hill, October 2013 (Photo: Lauren)

Last month: For our October activity we had a amall group and concentrated on woody weed control on Point Hut Hill, as well as recording and photographing the various plants we saw. The spring flowers were really beautiful. And it's fantastic to see the special groups of plants that grow in particular places, like around the Kurrajong tree, and around the rocky outcrops on Point Hut Hill. The plant list and photos can be seen here.

For more information about the POSM group, see the Parkcarers of Southern Murrumbidgee page.

Hope to see you all on the 23rd November.

Future activities are planned for the following dates in 2013:
December 14th. We don't meet in January, but watch the calendar for upcoming dates in February 2014 and beyond.