Photos - Mar 2014 - Parkcarers of Southern Murrumbidgee

Photos (mostly) taken 22 March 2014

These photos were taken by Lauren and Deb alongside the Murrumbidgee River and along Barney's Gully.

Female Casuarina cunninghamiana in flower (River She-oak)

Female flowers on C. cunninghamiana. They were doing it all over Canberra.

Weevil eating wattle leaves (probably Leptopius sp.)

Glycine tabacina (Variable glycine)

Nassella trichotoma (Serrated tussock) - a weed of national significance

Serrated tussock seedheads. A nasty weed, but beautiful with pinky-purple seeds.

Wolf spider (Lycosa sp.) carrying babies on her back

Mistletoe on eucalyptus

Mistletoe on casuarina (photo refuses to be vertical)

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