Photos - Jun to Jul 2014 - Parkcarers of Southern Murrumbidgee

Photos taken March to July 2014

These photos were taken by Deb along Barney's Gully and above in Strangers Paddock

Tricoryne elatior (Yellow autumn-lily) flowering in autumn, Strangers Paddock (Mar 2014)

Plantings done by POSM and the rangers around the waterwatch test pool near the top of Barney's Gully (June 2014)

Checking the top weir, Barney's Gully (June 2014)

Paul inspects the 2nd weir, Barney's Gully (June 2014)

Drosera sp. (probably pale sundew (Drosera peltata)), a carniverous plant, with trapped beetle (late July 2014)

Cymbonotus preissianus (Austral bear's ear) flowering in late July 2014