Upper Murrumbidgee Catchment Coordinating Committee activities

Volunteers to test the upper Murrumbidgee feral fish community mapping tool – Flyer attached

We are looking for volunteers to help us road-test an upper Murrumbidgee feral fish community mapping tool.  Website testers would have a go at mapping fish sightings (can be with made-up reports at this stage) and provide feedback on their experience.

This tool is being developed by Upper Murrumbidgee Waterwatch in partnership with the Invasive Animals CRC and we are hoping that it will be available in spring to coincide with increased fish activity.  Those that are interested please send their details to Antia Brademann, Cooma Region Waterwatch Coordinator, Ph: 02) 64524150, Mob: 0429778633, email antia@coomawaterwatch.org.au.

Upper Murrumbidgee Community Willow Control project – Volunteers wanted – Flyer attached

The UMDR community willow control project is seeking adventurous volunteers to undertake 1 day guided canoe trips on the upper Murrumbidgee River (between Bredbo and Angle Crossing) to control young, emergent instream willows along the way. Contact the UMDR facilitator on www.upperbidgeereach.org.au, email: facilitator@upperbidgeereach.org.au, phone: 0429778633