Photos - Sept to Nov 2014 - Parkcarers of Southern Murrumbidgee

Photos taken September to November 2014

These photos were taken by Deb along Barney's Gully and above in Strangers Paddock

Limnodynastes tasmaniensis (Spotted Grass Frog) found dead in a pool in Barney's Gully (August 2014). It is one of the most common frog species in our region, and is often heard calling during the day and over much of the year. Its call sounds like a child's machine gun, with a rapid series of 3 pulses: uk-uk-uk.

This is how the dead Spotted grass frog looked when we found it. We have no idea what killed it, but there had been very cold mornings. It seemed strange that nothing had eaten it.

Introduced ... Calylophus sp. or Oenothera sp.? Some sort of Sundrop or Evening Primrose? ... (September 2014)

Drosera peltata Pale Sundew (September 2014)

Wurmbea dioica Early Nancy, male flowers (September 2014). The photo of female flowers was too blurry to use. They are generally on different plants, the female flower appears to be less common (to me), and is dark in the centre with the female flower parts bulging out.

Calotis anthemoides Chamomile Burr-daisy (September 2014)

Bulbine bulbosa, the beautiful Bulbine Lily (September 2014)

A mass of Bulbine bulbosa, Bulbine Lillies (October 2014)

Asperula conferta Common woodruff, a low growing native (September 2014)

Leptorynchos sp.? One of the Buttons, probably Scaly Buttons L. squamous but could also be Craspedia sp. because it doesn't have the expected dimple in the flower which was also on the big side, so possibly Craspedia jamesii James' Billy Buttons (October 2014) If you know, please let me know. I should get better photos.

Stackhousia monogyna Creamy Candles (October 2014)

Tricoryne eliator Yellow Rush Lily, also known as Yellow Autumn Lily (November 2014)

I also took various other, hurried photos of what look like straight standing purple peas or swainson-peas, and a Goodenia or Hibbertia, but the photos are too blurry to identify.

Dichopogon fimbriatus Nodding Chocolate Lily (November 2014)

Juncus usitatus Common Rush, growing densely in upper Barney's Gully, and about as tall as it gets at around 1.2m (November 2014)

Probably Oenothera sp. an introduced Butterfly Flower that hails from North America. Found at the top of Barney's Gully, just below the smaller Gordon Pond, on the bank above the dense rushes. I thought it might be a native Milkmaid but computer says no (November 2014)