Do you love our local woodlands?

Conservation Council ACT Region

I certainly do. Yellow-Box is my favourite. Did you know our local Yellow-Box Red Gum Grassy Woodlands are a national critically endangered ecological community? Only 5% of these woodlands remain nationally. So not only are they locally precious they are nationally significant.

The woodland patches which remain in our backyard are exceptional in term of size, quality and diversity. They have very high regional and national conservation significance. Plus they are important habitat for wildlife species of local and national significance such as the Superb Parrot.

That's why we are working so hard to ensure we don't lose anymore. Most of the loss in the ACT comes from urban expansion and over 350 hectares have been lost over the last ten years. It is likely we would have lost more if it wasn't for Commonwealth involvement in environmental approvals and the Conservation Council being a voice for the environment!

Through our work within planning processes we are helping to ensure greater protection of these woodlands — over 200 hectares of woodlands were protected from urban development in 2013 through the Gungahlin Strategic Assessment. We are now working to make sure there are robust management plans in place and adequate resourcing so the woodlands are truly protected.

Over the next year we are going to campaign to further protect our woodlands. However we need your help. Our resources are already really stretched however now is the time to act and once and for all protect what remains of our woodlands. We have some exciting plans and your contribution now will assist us to deliver them. Together let's make this happen.

We would really appreciate if you could make a tax-deductible donation before 30 June.

It is now only four days till the end of the financial year and donations over $2 are a tax deduction — so a great time for you to donate.


As always we thank you for being part of our work to be a voice for the environment — such as critically endangered woodlands.

Yours sincerely

Larry O'Loughlin 

A/g Director

PS It is the end of the financial year and we thank the many supporters among you who have already given your support and once again appreciate your donations. Please feel welcome to forward this letter to others who might contribute. You might tell them why you support us and remind them donations over $2 are a tax-deductible.

PPS We care about our woodlands — they're irreplaceable — and we are also involved in many other environmental issues in the ACT and region either directly or through member groups. Visit our website or call 02 6229 3200 to find out more.