Alternative Fertiliser and Pasture Productivity seminar - Bookham 1 September 2015

Please see link below to the 5 presentations from the day:

A brief summary of the 5 presentations is below:

1. Fiona Leech, South East Local Land Services, Yass

Native Pasture & Alternative Fertilizer Project - Summary of 6 years Pasture, Soil & Economic Results

2. Phil Graham, NSW DPI, Yass

Livestock production resulting from the use of a range of alternative & conventional fertilizers

3. Dr. Alan Richardson, Soil Biologist, CSIRO

Phosphorus cycling in pasture grazing systems and importance of soil microbiology.

4. Dr. Lewis Kahn, Agricultural Information & Monitoring Services, Armidale

Key messages resulting from five alternative fertilizer field research projects in NSW.

5. Fiona Leech, South East Local Land Services, Yass

Common questions around fertilizer use on pastures.