Land for Wildlife - Free property assessments

Kosciuszko to Coast (K2C) have recently been successful in receiving funding to conduct ‘Land for Wildlife’ (LFW) assessments in the K2C and Kanangra-Boyd to Wyangala (K2W) Regions.

LFW is a fantastic project which aims to enable and empower landholders to manage their land sustainably for wildlife and contribute to our collective goal of restoring and improving landscape connectivity. LFW also offers a support network and access to information, funding opportunities and support available from the broad K2C Partnership and many other conservation agencies working in the region.

The LFW assessment is free (and non-legally binding) for landholders and more information is available at:

In addition, the assessment will include:

-          Vegetation list for the property;

-          Walk and talk interactive flora and fauna interpretation with landholder;

-          Referral to our Partners’ incentives, projects, info and support;

-          Offer an ongoing support for future questions and info;

-          Assistance with writing grant applications; and

-          Access to training workshops, up to date science etc.

Surveys this year may also include soil and water testing, wildlife cameras and threatened species monitoring (if you are interested in participating in our CIT student environmental education program).

Funding is also available at present through the Foundation for National Parks for properties that have either a conservation agreement, wildlife refuge, or LAND FOR WILDLIFE agreement on them. I am available to help with this if you want to pursue this:

In conjunction with Local Land Services we are also applying for funding with the Saving our Species program to target the decline of Scarlet Robin and address threats to that and other threatened bird species. Our hotspot areas for this one are: Burra, Delegate and Braidwood.

If you would like to be involved in any of these incentives and funding opportunities I can provide more information.

Many thanks

Lesley Peden

Kosciuszko to Coast (K2C) Partnership Facilitator


Ph: 0400 806 089

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K2C is a regional partner in the Great Eastern Ranges Initiative