Seeking applications for Round 3 - ACT Rural Grants 2016/2017

ACT NRM, ACT Environment and Planning Directorate, is seeking grant applications from ACT rural landholders to undertake sustainable farming activities as part of the third round of the ACT Rural Grants Project.

Applications close on 27 October 2016.

The ACT Rural Grants project is supported by the Australian Government’s National Landcare Programme.

Up to $150,000 will be available in Round 3 in 2016/17 and will support:

• Natural Resource Management advice to support farm planning and implementation of sustainable farming practices – advice to groups of farmers will also be considered.

• On-ground works to increase the adoption of sustainable farming activities – up to $10,000 for individual landholders; up to $50,000 for groups of landholders.

Activities that will be funded include those that:

• improve groundcover, native vegetation, soil health and/or water quality;

• minimise off-site impacts of farming activities;

• protect biodiversity and improve biosecurity;

• demonstrate coordinated regional or landscape-scale partnerships including development (advice) and implementation (on-ground works) of district biosecurity plans to address animal and plant health and priority weed and pest animal issues; and

• prepare for climate variability and climate change.

Information Session – ACT Rural Grants

ACT NRM and Greening Australia will be holding an information session on the ACT Rural Grants 2016/17 and other funding opportunities for ACT rural landholders.

Information on some of the new natural resource management data that is available (as explained in the Guidelines) will also be presented.

When: Wednesday, 21 September 5.30-7.00pm

Where: Ground Floor Conference Room, North Building, Dame Pattie Menzies House, 16 Challis Street Dickson

RSVP: Anna van Dugteren, NRM Facilitator, T: 6205 2914;

To find out more about the ACT Rural Grants project, follow this link: