Chairs Reports - K2C Executive Commitee September & July 2016

Chair’s report to the K2C Executive Committee

16 September 2016

General news

The NSW Environmental Trust SOS funding has been formally announced.  The “Save Our Scarlet Robin” project will be managed by Rebecca Bradley, SE LLS.  Rebecca has forwarded the funding deed for K2C’s role in the SOS project for signing.  K2C’s role in this project will be to host 12 workshops in the Delegate and Michelago-Bredbo area over the next few years.

 Tony, Lesley and I attended the SOS Robin Project’s inaugural meeting and I agreed to review the project’s communication plan.  I have agreed to ensure any events for this project are to be posted on the K2C Facebook page and the website.

Coinciding with Lesley’s continuing computer server problems, there have been behind-the-scenes discussions about our web page with Lynton Bond.  Hopefully, these issues will be resolved soon.

I now have admin rights to the K2C Facebook page.  Have added a large number of “friends” and have posted material from myself and others, e.g., material from the ACT Government Weeds Officer, Steve Taylor, re weeds.  I intend to continue doing this into the future.

Lesley continues to work on Land for Wildlife assessments, including on other Partners’ projects.  She has continuing support from CIT students, who are undertaking work experience, with Lesley who takes students into the field for assessments.  The students learn how to do assessments, undertake preliminary plant identification, learn how to engage with landholders, and undertake data collation, research and report-writing.

I am pleased to announce that we now have a second “facilitator” working under contract to K2C.  Maya Potapowicz is taking on the NSW Environmental Trust Education Grant project at Yass Gorge.  Maya come to us with a wealth of experience, having worked for the NSW Government in several roles over the last decade.

I recently re-circulated the K2C Partnership Memorandum of Understanding, with some minor additions, and a request for dot points from some Partners to enable completion of this document.  This has been sent to Partners for their final input.

A recent Wandiyali Threatened Species Day Event (7 September) was attended and hosted by Carolyn Larcombe of the Wandiyali Trust, Megan Dixon form Molonglo Catchment Group and Rob Armstrong and Debbie Hunt from Office of Environment and Heritage, along with 50 invited guests, including Queanbeyan Palerang Regional Council staff, Aboriginal Land Council representatives, and landcare groups.  I represented K2C at this event, gave a talk and led a walk.

K2C Forum and AGM – 18 November 2016

The next K2C Forum is on 18 November, coinciding with the K2C AGM.  A proposed topic is the eucalypt dieback issue and woodland rehabilitation projects.  Planning is now advanced for this event.

My position of Chair is coming to end at the next AGM, in November.  I’ve held this position now for three years and it certainly has been an enjoyable time, especially working with the Committees and our expert facilitator.  Regrettably, I will not be putting myself forward for another term.  I’m hoping someone will step up to take this role for the next year.  So, please consider nominating for a position on the Executive Committee. 

Rainer Rehwinkel, Chair, K2C Executive Committee 16 September 2016


Chair’s report to the K2C Executive Committee

15 July 2016

General news

After a short spell from meetings, I have returned to the Chair at an interesting time for K2C.  With an Executive Committee re-charged with an enthusiastic new Partner, having welcomed Jenny Bounds who represents Canberra Ornithologists Group, it is a time of exciting continuing and new projects.

Lesley Peden, K2C Facilitator is continuing to deliver Land for Wildlife assessments, not only to projects specifically funded through K2C, but also for other Partners’ projects through independent funding.  The site visits Lesley undertakes for both K2C and others’ project provide great opportunities to continue to promote the values of K2C through the landscape, and to increase K2C’s membership base.

Lesley has also been successful in gaining further independent funding to hold additional workshops.

The most significant news of late has been the successful granting of funding to our major Partner, the South East Local Lands Services (SE LLS) from the NSW Government through its Saving Our Species (SOS) Program.  The SE LLS, along with its project partners including K2C, will conduct the SOS Scarlet Robin project over the next 10 years.  I am very proud to be able to say that I developed this project while under the employ of the NSW Office of Environment and Heritage immediately prior to my retirement last year.  K2C looks forward to a fruitful relationship with SE LLS and its project partners in this exciting new project.

I take this opportunity to extend my thanks to Lesley for her continuing excellent work.  I also acknowledge Tony Robinson, who continues to supply excellent treasury services to the Executive Committee and to K2C Inc.  Not to be forgotten are all the other K2C Executive Committee members, but particularly John Fitz Gerald who picked up the reins in my recent absence.

Farewell and thanks to Tom Baker

It is with a great deal of sadness that I am presiding over the time when our stalwart, long-time K2C Committee member, Tom Baker, has decided to resign from K2C.  However, at today’s meeting, I have great pleasure in presenting Tom with but a small token of appreciation in recognition of his many years’ of faithful voluntary service to the K2C concept, a service that stretches from its very earliest inception to its maturity, today.

Most people will not know of Tom’s crucial role in the formation of K2C.  It was Tom that initially approached my ex-boss, Ian Pulsford, who was later to establish the Great Eastern Ranges initiative.  Tom’s proposition was simple.  He had oversight of a substantial sum of money, which was the bequest of Dr Peter Barrer, who was a botanist that undertook a significant amount of ground-work in defining the connectivity needs of our local landscape before he died in the mid-1990s.

Tom had thought that Ian may be able to accept Dr Barrer’s bequest on behalf of the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service.  The hope was that Dr Barrer’s dream of a connected landscape may be realised.

Unfortunately, the NSW NPWS was simply not set up to accept such a bequest, so Tom took that offer to Bush Heritage Australia (BHA).  That ultimately lead to the purchase of Scottsdale Reserve by BHA.  Scottsdale is considered the keystone property within K2C.  The BHA also established an embryonic committee that has eventually morphed into the K2C Partnership that we know today.

So, today, we are greatly in debt to Tom, who was crucial in fulfilling Dr Barrer’s dream, a dream that Dr Barrer never saw fulfilled but, I am confident in saying, is now becoming a reality.  It was Tom’s persistence that saw this dream to fruition.  In typical Tom Baker style, he has kept a relatively low profile with regards to his major contribution, but also in typical style, he has faithfully continued his voluntary contribution, not only to the K2C Executive Committee, but also to the committee that runs the K2C Inc. as well. 

Tom’s shoes will be very hard to fill, but I’m sure that I speak on behalf of all the K2C Executive Committee members, all of the K2C Partners and the plethora of K2C members across our marvellous landscape in heartily thanking Tom for his grand service.  I’m also sure that you will all join me in wishing Tom the very best for his future ventures.

Rainer Rehwinkel, Chair, K2C Executive Committee 15 July 2016