Calling all Horse Enthusiasts - March is your month


29 Mar 2017 (All day)


The Canberra Region is hosting three events that will bring experienced and highly knowledgeable equine educators to an event near you. If you are interested in developing a property plan based on Equiculture principles, concerned about worm resistance or want to know more about what plants can be harmful to your horse, there is an event just for you

Saturday 25th of March –Healthy land, Healthy Horse 2

At this workshop you will be able to design your own property plan based on Equiculture principles with the help of Stuart, Jennie Curtis from Fresh Landscape Design and others. There will be a paddock walk where the principles of the design can be applied in a real world situation.

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Tuesday Evening 28th of March – From the Horse’s Mouth - Healthy Horse Keeping Seminar

An Evening seminar that will cover the following topics:

·        Changing horse management practices to meet the needs of the 21st century horse, Stuart Myers, Equiculture

·        A scientific approach to worming Jude Matusiewicz Evidence Based Worming, Jude Matusiewicz

·        Adopting and Applying Evidence Based Worming at “Riverview”

·        Hendra Virus, Kyeelee Driver, Biosecurity vet

·        Poisonous plants, Natasha Webb, Equine Educatio

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Wednesday 29th of March – Resisting Resistance

WormPower workshops are Evidence Based Worming’s education program. Participants will be equipped with the knowledge and skills to identify and count Strongyle (aka Cyathostomin) eggs in an equine faecal sample. A comprehensive workbook will be provided with links to further resources

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