Southern ACT Catchment Coordination

The Southern ACT Catchment Group employs a Catchment Coordinator and a part time Project Officer for the Southern ACT Community.

These roles provide on-going community support and coordination of projects to protect biodiversity and restore the natural ecosystems of our local environment. They also provide capacity building activities for the member groups SACTCG and the broader community. In particular this coordinator has responsibility in the Southern ACT Catchments for:

• Driving projects at a local level that enhance connectivity and reduce threats to the biodiversity of valuable box-gum woodlands and riparian ecosystems in the 7 sub- catchments in the Southern ACT;
• Undertaking integrated environmental activities across all tenures (rural, urban and reserve) and landscape types;
• Developing knowledge, skills, motivation and capacity of the community by facilitating technical support, capacity building and engaging the community in on-ground activities;
• Increasing community awareness and understanding of NRM issues in our region;
• Supporting local member Landcare and Park Care groups with representation, recruitment, project planning, administration and funding, financial management, resources, information and monitoring
• Empowering the community to take part in actions that will address local environmental issues, toward achieving regional NRM targets;
• Establishing and maintaining effective partnerships between local government, community, schools, industry and the NRM network;

The current SACTCG Catchment Coordinator is Martine Franco and the Project Officer is Fiona Spier.

Please feel free to give them a call on 62966400 or 0447223396 (Martine) for any queries.