Save Lake Tuggeranong

Call for action to Save Lake Tuggeranong

A recent community forum called for government and community action to solve pollution problems in Lake Tuggeranong.

The forum, held at the Tuggeranong Community Centre, was jointly hosted by the Southern ACT Catchment Group (SACTCG), Concerned Residents for West Kambah (CROWK) and the Tuggeranong Community Council (TCC).

SACTG Chair, Glenys Patulny said the forum was attended by more than 40 local residents and organised in response to a recent study commissioned by SACTCG and undertaken by Dr Ian Lawrence of the Cooperative Research Centre into Water at the University of Canberra.

Ms Patulny said the forum identified how important Lake Tuggeranong is to the lives of local residents. She said the Lake is seen as a regional icon and base for recreational and family activities as well a habitat for wildlife.

“However, the study confirmed that Lake Tuggeranong was in very poor health and this was reinforced by attendees who all expressed their concerns about the Lake and repeated incidents of blue-green algae in the lake,” she added.

“The forum stressed the need for a master plan to manage the Lake and its catchment, including designing and constructing a series of wetlands to reduce pressure on the Lake,” Ms Patulny said.

“Initiatives considered by the forum were establishing a ‘Friends of Lake Tuggeranong’ group to look at planting and clean up options and fostering community awareness of issues affecting the lake.

A follow up forum to further develop proposals for action will be held on Wednesday 22 August at the Over 55 Club Tuggeranong

For further information contact: Martin Lind - 6296 6400, or Glenys Patulny - 0411 161948

12 July 2012

Download a Synopsis of the Draft Lake Tuggeranong Water Quality Assessment & Management Implications Report(PDF 57 KB)

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