Tuggeranong Lake (and Catchment) Carers - events

Information about the TLC group

Tuggeranong Festival

On the 1st December the Southern ACT CG (SACTCG) and the Tuggeranong Lake and Catchment Carers (TLC) had a combined stall at the Tuggeranong Community Festival.

A brochure about the problems of Lake Tuggeranong, with information about the TLC, was produced especially for the Festival, to introduce to the Tuggeranong Community the aims and objectives of the new group. Enthusiasm was great with many volunteering to look after the stall.



Inner North Wetlands Tour

As part of the "Save Lake Tuggeranong" project, the Tuggeranong Lake (and Catchment) Carers organised a visit to the Wetlands of the Inner North of Canberra on afternoon Saturday 24 November. We visited various sites to see what has been done in the north of Canberra to improve water quality.

Some of us met up at Urambi Primary School and car pooled, while others met us at the Banksia Street Wetlands at O'Connor. We were met by Edwina Robinson from Urban Waterways section of the ACT government, who told us about the history of the site. We then went on to visit and hear about the Lyneham and Dickson Wetlands and how they have not only improved water quality in the area but have created a peaceful natural environment in a busy city that is greatly valued by local residents and visitors alike.

This tour has given us insights about what could be done at Lake Tuggeranong to reduce the problems that have led to the regular lake closures, to not only improve water quality but also benefit the quality of life in the Lake Tuggeranong area.

Dickson wetlands 



Banksia St wetlands 



Lyneham wetlands 



Cleaning up Lake Tuggeranong in October 2012


Our Cleanup Event was publicised in the Tuggeranong Community Council newsletter