Restoration and Rehabilitation Grants


Friday, 19 September 2014 - 5:00pm

The aim of the Restoration and Rehabilitation program is to facilitate projects to prevent or reduce pollution, the waste stream or environmental degradation of any kind, run by community organisations and State and Local government organisations. Through these projects, we also aim to improve the capacity of communities and organisations to protect, restore and enhance the environment.


ACT Rural Grants Project

ACT Rural Grants Project

Applications are now open for a new ACT rural grants project that will support ACT rural landholders to adopt innovative sustainable farming practices, improve soil and pasture health, increase groundcover and prepare for drought, Director-General of the Environment and Sustainable Development Directorate, Dorte Ekelund, announced today.

“Over the next three years, the ACT Government will offer a total of $450,000 worth of grants through the ‘ACT Rural Landholders Taking the Next Step’ project,” Ms Ekelund said.


Landscape Links for Small Bushland Birds - Call for Expressions of Interest

The aim of the Landscape Links for Small Bushland Birds (LLSBB) project is to erect a series of ‘exclosures’ in grazed paddocks to reconnect remnant vegetation patches. The exclosures will include a combination of local Eucalypt and shrub species and will serve as ‘stepping stone’ habitat for small bushland birds. The exclosures will also provide feeding and breeding sites for birds, shade and shelter for stock and increased landscape amenity. Long-term monitoring by Greening Australia has shown significant increases in the use of plantings by woodland birds in our region.


Community Landcare Grants 2013-14

The Community Landcare Grants were launched on 24 January and DAFF is seeking applications for between $5,000 and $50,000 to support the natural resource management community to ensure Australia’s agricultural base is sustainable, productive and resilient.

What are Community Landcare Grants?

Community Landcare Grants build on the success of the earlier Community Action Grants initiative, with a renewed focus on sustainable farming and fisheries, agricultural innovation and community capacity building.

The grants make it possible for local community-based groups to take action, ensuring Australia’s agricultural base is sustainable, productive and resilient.



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