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Weed Alert: Coolatai Grass

Report all sightings of Coolatai grass. It is a threat to the region's biodiversity.

Coolatai grass is an invasive drought, fire and herbicide tolerant tussock forming perennial grass.

It has become a major invasive species in northern New South Wales (NSW) and southern Queensland, dominating pastures over a range of soil types and conditions. An infestation has been discovered just south of the ACT.


Be on the lookout for Madagascan Fireweed

Canberrans are urged to be on the lookout for infestations of the pest plant Madagascan Fireweed (Senecio madagascariensis) which have been detected in Forde, Franklin, Chisholm, Casey, Lyneham and Crace.

"Infestations of Madagascan Fireweed have been detected in recently laid couch turf in nature strips and other public and private land in the area. It is thought the weed was brought into the ACT as seeds in the imported couch turf," Stephen Hughes, Biosecurity Manager said.

"ACT Government weed management staff are undertaking a program to control the weed incursion as quickly as possible and remove the plants before it flowers and its seeds spread.

"Our weeds team will be conducting further surveys to determine the extent of the infestation and will also conduct letterbox drops and erect signage to inform local residents.


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