Help Restore Canberra’s Parks—Upcoming CVA weekend projects

Join us on local projects as we work to restore the Biodiversity of several parks in Canberra’s inner south.

We will be removing woody weeds from the park areas, making them a more enjoyable space for people and native wildlife alike. This important project will also help conserve a key remnant of one of Australia’s most threatened ecosystems, grassy woodlands, and the endangered wildflower, the Button Wrinklewort.


Nursery Manager - Job Available

Billabong Aboriginal Development Corporation
Canberra ACT is looking for a nursery manager to join their team.

The responsibilities for this position will include:

  • Operation of the nursery and leadership of the nursery team of volunteers.
  • Sales, marketing and business planning
  • Coordination and direction of native seedling nursery production, orders and dispatch.
  • Financial and budget control and reporting
  • Staff training (including volunteers)


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