Carers of Point Hut Pond

Point Hut Pond is a beautiful area much valued by local residents, who enjoy fishing, walking and using playground and barbecue facilities.

You will see all sorts of wildlife including swans, purple swamp hens, Eurasian coots, native parrots and occasionally pelicans, herons and egrets.

So what is the problem

The Pond is disappearing. The amount of silt in the Pond is causing the Pond to become more shallow. Last summer the water dried up in some areas which allowed access to the nesting islands in the centre of the Pond.

What we do

The Carers of Point Hut Pond are tackling some of the problems the Pond faces.

· Build up of silt in the Pond

· Water drying up in summer

· Protecting the wildlife

· Monitoring water quality

· Edges of the Pond degrading

· Build up of rubbish in the Pond

The Carers of Point Hut Pond have written a Point Hut Ponds Charter and Plan 2014
Constitution – Carers of Point Hut Pond


How to get involved

Contact the Southern ACT Catchment Group on 6296 6400
or email us at

Without care what is now our loveliest amenity will disappear.