Fadden Pond


Fadden Pond as seen from the East

Fadden Pond is located on Bugden Avenue, sandwiched between two arms of Wanniassa Hills Nature Reserve. Surrounded by the vegetation and contours of the reserve, Fadden Pond has a number of useful purposes.

Before urbanization of the area, Fadden Pond was likely a series of interconnected ponds or a marshy wetland, characterized by the presence of plants such as typha and other species that thrive in water. Being at the top of the catchment, this area would have played a crucial role in slowing down the flow of water coming down from the surrounding hills. It served as a starting point for the tributary of Tuggeranong Creek.

In the present day, Fadden Pond has been designed and constructed to mimic the natural functions of the original wetland. It serves as a man-made pond that serves a similar purpose. It collects both rainwater runoff from urban areas and water from nearby reserves. By doing so, it reduces the speed at which the water flows and allows sediment to settle at the bottom of the pond. Additionally, any excess nutrients present in the water are utilized by macrophytes (aquatic plants) and algae that grow within the pond.

There is a diverse array of flora and fauna found around the pond, assisted by its closeness to Wanniassa Reserve. Exploring Canberra Nature Map is a great way to see what is hiding in plain sight, particularly native bees and other water loving bugs. Explore Fadden Pond on Canberra Nature Map here. https://canberra.naturemapr.org/locations/sightings/1446


Overflow structure
Fadden Pond