SACTCG Committee



Chair: Glenys Patulny


Deputy Chair: Kerry Olsson


Secretary and Public Officer: Miranda Gardner


Treasurer: Philip Prentice

Philip believes that where is comes to water management and balancing people’s needs with the environment we can do a lot better. To this end he has spent his career as an environmental engineer contributing to water cycle projects .  Philip is committed to volunteering with community organisations to make water quality improvements.


General Committee: Kathy Eyles

Kathy is an environmental planner, social scientist and passionate conservation volunteer over many decades. Kathy was the Convenor of the Friends of Mulligans Flat up until 2015 when  she  teamed up to support the amazing Anne I’ons coordinate the Mt Taylor Parkcare Group, which celebrated 30 years of on-ground stewardship in 2019.  Kathy considers that maintaining strong place focused community networks, like the Southern ACT Catchment Group, is the way to effect real change and action in our local environment and region.