What is Waterwatch?

Waterwatch Australia is an initiative to help us understand, monitor, care for and sustainably manage our most precious natural asset – water. It is a network of citizen scientists that monitor local waterways – it could be a creek, pond, lake, dam, wetland, lagoon or estuary. Waterwatch programs support communities to monitor the health of waterways; to learn through environmental education, and to participate in projects to protect, rehabilitate or restore the health of our waterways. Since it began, Waterwatch has formed partnerships with the community, government and industry to begin to sustainably address many of the issues that affect water quality and the health of our waterways.


The Waterwatch program:

  • Engages the community in the environment through monitoring and caring for our catchments
  • Educates and raises awareness in schools and the community on issues concerning catchment health
  • Uses data collected by volunteers to inform policy and on ground catchment management.


Find out more about Waterwatch in Canberra here.