What is Waterwatch?

Waterwatch Australia aims to educate people about the importance of water as a natural resource. They’ve created a network of citizen scientists who monitor local waterways such as creeks, ponds, lakes, dams, wetlands, lagoons or estuaries, regardless of their background or skill level.

Waterwatch’s goal is to involve communities in monitoring and caring for waterways, increasing environmental awareness through education, and supporting projects that protect, rehabilitate or restore waterway health. By partnering with the community, government and industry, Waterwatch has been able to address many water quality issues in the ACT.

You can join Waterwatch and become a citizen scientist to help sustainably manage water, our most precious natural resource. Together, we can make a positive impact on the environment and ensure that waterways remain healthy for future generations.

The Waterwatch program:

  • Engages the community in the environment through monitoring and caring for our catchments
  • Educates and raises awareness in schools and the community on issues concerning catchment health
  • Uses data collected by volunteers to inform policy and on ground catchment management.


Find out more about Waterwatch in Canberra here.