Help Restore Canberra’s Parks—Upcoming CVA weekend projects

Join us on local projects as we work to restore the Biodiversity of several parks in Canberra’s inner south.

We will be removing woody weeds from the park areas, making them a more enjoyable space for people and native wildlife alike. This important project will also help conserve a key remnant of one of Australia’s most threatened ecosystems, grassy woodlands, and the endangered wildflower, the Button Wrinklewort.


A Burra Ideas Morning

Burra Landcare is hosting a Sunday  morning discussion to toss around ideas about three of the major issues in rural residential life; water, weeds and feral animals. Come to the Burra Hall around 10am on the 16th of May to join in. Whether you have been in Burra for 5minutes or 50years, these three issues create serious and constant work for everyone. We will be discussing:


Community-based biodiversity monitoring trial in the Molonglo Catchment

The Molonglo Catchment Group has funding to begin developing a community-based biodiversity monitoring program, similar to Waterwatch and Frogwatch. To begin with we need 4 volunteers with sites within the Molonglo Catchment who would be willing to be trained in the Vegetation Monitoring Manual produced by Greening Australia (a half day workshop), and then undertake the monitoring on their own properties / sites.


Why do I do it?

On the third weekend of each month, armed with a long pole, a sample bottle and a big box of equipment, I set out to test theNew Picture water quality of three sites in the upper Queanbeyan River catchment for the Molonglo Catchment Health Indicator Programme (MCHiP) which is part of the national Waterwatch scheme.


Canberra 100 planting day – a date for your diary

On 12 March 2013, Canberra will celebrate 100 years since its naming as the National Capital of Australia. The vast areas of bushland in the ACT are one of the aspects that this celebration will highlight. As a lead up event, Greening Australia will be running some planting days in the Lower Cotter. This is the first of these event and we hope to attract all our volunteers, families and friends for a huge day of planting.



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