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Member Groups

As an umbrella organisation Southern ACT Catchment Group was established to support ParkCare Groups, Urban and Rural Landcare Groups as well as individual landholders in the 7 subcatchments of the ACT. Our membership also includes individuals and all our waterwatch volunteers.


Current Member Groups


  1. Holder Wetlands Volunteer Group
  2. Friends of Featherstone Gardens
  3. Weston Creek Orchard
  4. Illoura Horse Owners Group
  5. Friends of Hughes Grassy Woodland
  6. Croton Park Carers
  7. Oakey Hill Parkcare Group
  8. Hughes Garran Woodland
  9. Red Hill Regenerators
  10. Griffith Woodland Volunteer Group 
  11. Cooleman Ridge Parkcare Group
  12. Mt Taylor Parkcare Group
  13. Isaacs Ridge/Mt Mugga Mugga Parkcare
  14. Crozier Urban Landcarers
  15. Farrer Ridge Parkcare Group
  16. Friends of Urambi Hills
  17. Tuggeranong Lake (and Catchment) Carers
  18. Parkcarers of Southern Murrumbidgee (POSM)
  19. Friends of Strangers Pond (Bonython)
  20. Minders of Tuggeranong Homestead (MOTH)
  21. Minders about Simpson’s Hill (MASH)
  22. Friends of Tuggeranong Hill
  23. Friends of Tidbinbilla
  24. Gudgenby Bush Regeneration Group


If you are interested in volunteering in the Southern ACT you can get involved by filling out the Volunteer Expression of Interest form or contact your local group directly through provided details.










SACTCG Membership Services

SACTCG provides a breadth of services to its members in undertaking environmental restoration and protection as well as being responsive to current community issues as a representative organisation. Some services we provide regularly for our member groups include:

  • Financial management, Insurance and administration support
  • Project development and management
  • Funding support (eg. grants)
  • Volunteer Recruitment and promotion of Landcare (public stalls/ community events
  • New group development and support
  • Succession Planning
  • Capacity building activities to improve skills and knowledge (training and workshops)
  • Representation of member group to the ACT Government Agenicies and the Commonwealth Government through the National Landcare Network.
  • Network connections / skill sharing / Informantion dissemination
  • Linkage and liaison with other programs and organisations (eg. Waterwatch, frogwatch, UMCCC, ACT Government)
  • Onground work support including labour, materials and equipment.
  • Event organisation

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