Lake Tuggeranong

Lake Tuggeranong Pier


Lake Tuggeranong is located towards the lower end of the Tuggeranong-Tharwa sub-catchment. The lake is situated between Drakeford drive to the east and the urbanised Greenway to the west.

The Lake itself was created in 1987 by damning what was the confluence of Tuggeranong Creek and urban stormwater discharges. The lake was constructed to create both visual amenity for the growing suburbs and to treat urban stormwater by trapping sediment before it enters into the Murrumbidgee River.

There are a number of stormwater treatments that flow into Lake Tuggeranong including Isabella Pond Wetlands, Upper Strangers Pond Raingarden and Fadden Pines Raingarden. These structures are effective at improving water quality flowing from the concrete drains that line the original Tuggeranong Creek. However, the lake still faces issues of toxic blue-green algal blooms.

The Landcare group Tuggeranong Lake Carers meet on ad-hoc basis and participate in Clean-Up Australia Day every year in order to keep the Tuggeranong area beautiful, cleaner and healthier for the community and wildlife.

There is a diverse array of flora and fauna found around the lake. Exploring Canberra Nature Map is a great way to see what is hiding in plain sight. Explore Lake Tuggeranong on Canberra Nature Map here.