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Simpsons Hill – Recreation

  • Walking
  • Ball games
    • Petanque/Boules
  • Read a book
    • borrow one from the lovely little street library in Deacon Place
  • Treasure Hunt
    • look out for painted rocks hidden around the hill.
  • Star gazing
    • Wait for dark
  • Twitching
    • Look out for eagles, hawks, kestrels, magpies, currawongs, wrens, silver eyes….
  • Orienteering
  • Meditation
  • Tai Chi
  • Fly a kite
    • Watch out for power lines near the houses
  • Weeding
    • Join MASH!


Simpsons Hill is now a dogs off leash area


Dogs must be on a leash if within 10 metres of a paved path.  There are no paved paths on the hill so if you or your dog find dog parks a bit too intense, Simpsons Hill is a good alternative.  However dogs must always be under effective control. This doesn’t mean dogs must never approach other people or animals. It does mean that dog walkers must be able to prevent unwanted, risky or unsupervised approaches either by restraining the dog with an appropriate leash or by calling an off-leash dog away.


Remember, while most dogs are harmless, some people (and dogs) have a genuine fear or dislike of dogs, and this should be respected.


It’s also important to be respectful of other users and follow some basic etiquette in these shared public spaces, e.g. don’t let your dog chase children, steal soccer balls, or otherwise interfere with other people’s enjoyment!


You can learn more about socialising your dog, with hands on help, by joining one of Canberra’s not-for-profit dog training clubs.


Dog droppings

Dog walkers may be issued with an on-the-spot fine for not picking up after their dog or leaving home without poo bags.


For more information about dogs off leash rules see  https://www.canberradogwalks.com.au/canberra-dog-walking-laws/