Monash Creek Restoration

The concrete channel running between Corlette Crescent and Charleston Street, was developed as a replacement for Monash Creek which once flowed where the Canberra’s residential areas grew. The water that travels down this concrete channel is stormwater runoff from the surrounding suburbs.



Stormwater pollution is a concern for all urban areas. It consists of visible pollution, such as litter and rubbish, and less seen pollution such as sediments, and nutrients including Nitrogen and Phosphorus. These unseen pollutants can cause algae blooms, disrupt natural ecological processes, and reduce water quality therefore reducing amenity for water users.


The creek restoration involved the removal of the existing concrete channel and reshaping and revegetating these areas. This will slow the velocity of the water, in smaller rain events, and allow the plants to utilize the pollution carried by the stormwater. This revegetation will remove over 48,000kgs of nitrogen, phosphorous and suspended sediment every year.