Spray Trailer Hire

The Southern ACT Catchment Group Inc. has available a QuikSpray unit to assist landholders and
managers across the ACT or in the Googong or Upper Murrumbidgee catchments (within 50 km south of
the ACT border) to undertake weed control. The unit has 2 hand held spray guns each with 100
metres of push-button retractable hose and a small selection of spray nozzles.




Conditions of borrowing include:
1. Unit is to be returned in the same condition as it was lent;
2. Tank is to be returned empty and clean – flushed with clean water;
3. Only clean water is to be used in herbicide tank;
4. Maximum lending period is 5 days;
5. The borrower must have Chemical user accreditation (AQF3);
6. The borrower agrees to supply details to the Southern ACT Catchment Group as towhat
weeds were targeted, herbicide, dye and surfactant types and rates and volumes used.

A map showing the area sprayed must also be supplied. This can be as a Googlemaps polygon or as a map with the area drawn on it.
A donation of $100 per day and $15 per hour thereafter is requested to be paid to the Southern ACT Catchment Group to assist with unit maintenance, registration and insurance; loans are for a maximum of 7 days. If required for longer it needs to be rebooked.
To find out more or book the spray unit email waterwatch@sactcg.org.au or phone 62966400.

For more information contact Martin on 62966400 or waterwatch@sactcg.org.au