Hughes Tree-mendous Group

 Who we are

The Hughes Tree-mendous Group planting
The Hughes Tree-mendous Group planting


Tree-mendous Hughes Group are a group of Parkcare volunteers of all ages working in the park land running from the Federal Golf Course to Kent Street. We supported by the ACT Government and the Woden Valley Community Council. An Environment Plan was completed in March 2023 which will guide our activities over the next 10 years.

We have community planting and mulching days, volunteers who water trees near their homes, and neighbours who report on safety concerns through to insect infestations.

We also have organised ecologist led walks through the corridor and aim to foster citizen science activities. From June 2023 we will work to progressively implement the Environmental Management Plan, ideally through a program of monthly working bees. Volunteers can choose to be involved as much or as little as they’d like.

What we do

The Hughes Tree-mendous group's site
The Hughes Tree-mendous group’s site

Our aims are to:

  • increase gang gang and superb parrot populations by improving their wildlife corridor from Red Hill, through Hughes, and beyond
  • attract little birds to shelter in newly-created garden beds, re-balancing the noisy miner population over time
  • increase the types of plants, animals and micro organisms to improve our biodiversity
  • reduce the most environmentally-significant weeds
  • address safety issues, such as filling in holes left by old trees dying and rabbits
  • provide information sessions on re-wilding our gardens, controlling weeds and planting bush tucker foods
  • increase our community connection.


How to get involved

Our volunteers are all ages. We welcome everyone.

Contact:, or contact the convenor Margaret Blood on 0401078892

For more info check out the Facebook Group

Please get involved as much or as little as you’d like.

Contact the Hughes Friends of Nature directly




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