Start your own environmental volunteer group

Many people like to start their own environmental volunteer groups to improve environmental outcomes and/or bring the local community together. Southern ACT Catchment Group can help you on this journey while providing a breadth of other services to help you with your work.   

As a Volunteer SACTCG can provide financial and administrative services to help you achieve your goals. We take care of managing money, insurance, and office tasks, so you can focus on your work.

SACTCG can also assist you in securing funds needed to care for your areas. We work alongside you to apply for grants and other funding sources, so you don't have to worry about the financial risks and can continue the valuable work you are doing with adequate resources to do so.  

SACTCG can also support you in the field by providing you with tools and materials necessary for your on-ground activities Including:

  • Tools like saws, mallets, gardening gloves and trowels
  • Monitoring equipment including wildlife cameras and bat monitors


SACTCG also has many other facilities that can be drawn upon including:

  • Marquees, flags and tables
  • Meeting rooms 
  • Printers 
  • A steam weeding machine
  • Nursery facilities

SACTCG can provide it's members with training and educational workshops to improve skills and knowledge. 

SACTCG can provide:

  • Plant identification workshops
  • Weed identification and control techniques
  • Erosion control method workshops
  • Pest control method workshops


SACTCG also facilitates knowledge sharing through connecting its wider network of volunteers in regular events and activities. 

SACTCG's ecologist can work alongside you to provide expert ecological advice to ensure your projects are effective and scientifically sound - improving and safeguarding the ecosystems in your area. SACTCG can also offer advice on:
  • Ecological assessments
  • Flora and fauna identification skills
  • Surveying techniques
  • Specific areas to focus your landcare efforts
  • Strategic planting advice, ie. ideal species and planting locations 
SACTCG also supports you or your group in administrative ways.
  • Help new groups to get started by provide ongoing support, while connecting them with the wider volunteer network operating within Southern ACT Catchment Group.
  • Manage projects, overseeing them if required to help you achieve your goals effectively.
  • Assist with organising events, for your group including planting days, weeding events or other occasions to involve the community and engage the wider public.
  • Assist in attracting more volunteers to your group. SACTCG as an organisation has many years experience in bringing in and retaining volunteers ensuring you have a strong team.
  • Plan for the future, ensuring smooth leadership transitions, keeping your volunteer group strong and stable.

SACTCG strongly believes your interests as a volunteer deserves good representation to government agencies. SACTCG utilises it's position as a representative of community environmental volunteer groups to advocate for funding and resources on your behalf.

SACTCG also works to promote landcare groups through public stalls and community events drawing attention to your efforts. 

SACTCG also works alongside other programs and organisations like Waterwatch, Frogwatch, UMCN and local government to amplify the impact of your work as a volunteer.