Photos - Oct 2013 - Parkcarers of Southern Murrumbidgee

Photos taken 19 October 2013

These photos were taken by Lauren on Point Hut Hill above the Murrumbidgee River. There is also a full species list below.

Discaria pubescens (Australian Anchor Plant)

Cheilanthes austrotenuifolia (Rock Fern)

Bulbine glauca (Rock Lily)

Bulbine glauca (Rock Lily)

Leptorhynchos squamatus? (Scaly Buttons?)

Bulbine bulbosa (Bulbine Lily)

Ranunculus lappaceus (Common Buttercup)

Unknown - Glycine sp. or Swainsona sp.? (Glycine or Swainson-pea?)

Stackhousia monogyna (Creamy Candles)

Linaria pelisserana - introduced (Pelisser's Toadflax)

Briza sp. - introduced (Shivery Grass)

View of the Murrumbidgee River at Point Hut Crossing, taken from Point Hut Hill, October 2013

Species List Point Hut Hill

Big rock outcrop N of Kurrajong - NW aspect
Correa reflexa (Common correa) - a few large patches, no flowers
some sort of Epacris (microphyllla?) (Coral heath?) - few, scattered
Acacia mearnsii (Early black wattle) or A. decurrens (Late black wattle) - with seed
Hardenbergia violacea (False sarsaparilla) - scattered
Geranium solanderi (Native geranium)
some other Geranium - with very large leaf, maybe Geranium neglectum (Red-stem cranesbill) which looks like leaf shape and is somewhat bigger leaf
Lomandra longifolia (Spiny-headed mat-rush) - with seed
Dianella longifolia (Smooth flax-lily)
Bursaria spinosa subsp. lasiophylla (Blackthorn)
Cheilanthes austrotenuifolia (Rock fern)
Leptospermum obovatum? (River tea tree)
Chrysocephalum apiculatum (Common everlasting)
Wahlenbergia stricta (Tall bluebell)
Rubus parvifolius (Native raspberry)
Vittadinia cuneata (Fuzzweed)

We also saw:
an unknown purple pea-flower
Discaria pubescens (Australian anchor plant)
Stackhousia monogyny (Creamy candles) - scattered throughout, sometimes in denser groups
Bulbine glauca (Rock lily)
Brachychiton populneus (Kurrajong)
Acacia melanoxylon (Blackwood)
Dodonea viscosa subsp. angustissima (Narrow-leaf hopbush) - with seed
Leptorhynchos squamatus? (Scaly buttons?)
Bulbine bulbosa (Bulbine lily)
some sort of Leucopogon sp.? (Beard heath?)
some sort of Rununculus sp.? (Buttercup?)

We also saw a big mob of tiny birds called Diamond Firetails (Stagonopleura guttata) in the park at Point Hut Crossing.