Community Stewardship Projects

Southern ACT Catchment Group works with our member groups on landcare projects which promote community stewardship.


Current Community Stewardship Projects

  • Protecting Pink Tailed Worm Lizard Habitat on Mount Taylor
  • Hughes Garran Woodland Biodiversity Improvement
  • Restoration of the Griffith Woodland
  • Wildlife dam restoration Urambi Hills Reserve
  • Red Hill Woodland Weed Control Assistance
  • Environmental Weed Control in Southern ACT reserves (SteamWeeder)
  • Environmental Weed Control in North Woden and East Belconnen (SteamWeeder)
  • Grass weed identification and training for Urban Open Space Volunteers
  • Woodland Wildlife Monitoring
  • Mapping Environmental Works- A citizen science tool
  • Tree Health Citizen Science Tool
  • Landcare for Millennials
  • Adopt-A-Park


See our other projects at the pages below:

Rural Landcare

Urban Waterways

Catchment-Wide Projects


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