About us

The Southern ACT Catchment Group (SACTCG) was formed in May 2002 to represent all active environmental groups in the southern areas of the ACT. The SACTCG is one of three community based catchment groups in the ACT and covers the areas of Woden, Weston Creek, Tuggeranong and Tharwa. Supported by a Catchment Coordinator and a Waterwatch Coordinator the SACTCG provides a network for our member groups, helping in their development and operation, providing assistance with project ideas, funding opportunities and providing a community forum for ideas and discussion. Our member groups originated from the ranks of Parkcare, Urban and Rural Landcare, Waterwatch and other community groups interested in the environment. SACTCGAs a group, we are also involved in 'sub-catchment planning' that will enable us to address priority issues in a strategic fashion well into the future. Some examples of issues being addressed by the SACTCG include community building, biodiversity, riparian plantings, weed management, soil health, water quality, European and Indigenous cultural heritage, vegetation loss and urban land degradation.

How are we funded?

SACTCG relies on grants to undertake all aspects of our work. We are currently funded through the Federal Government's National Landcare Program through the ACT Regional Body. This funding period is five years (2013-2018) and is to implement various projects including of both on-ground works and community capacity building activities. SACTCG also receives funding from Icon Water for Water Education activities and the ACT Government to implement the Southern ACT Waterwatch Program. SACTCG receives multiple local and Commonwealth 1-2 year competitive grants from a wide range funding partners across different sectors to support its strategic direction and its local catchment community.

Our committee

The Southern ACT Catchment Group is run by a volunteer committee.

At the AGM  held on the 20th November the following committee were voted in.


Convenor Miranda Gardner

Vice Convenor Glenys Patulny

Secretary Kerry Olsson

Treasurer Amanda Galbraith

Public Officer Clive Hurlstone

General Members Wendy Rainbird, Wendy Warren

SACTCG Bylaws149.29 KB
SACTCG Constitution211 KB