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SACTCG Strategic Plan 2011-2013

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Catchment Management Strategy 2007-2010

Purpose Sub-Catchment Planning is a method for community groups to participate in Integrated Catchment Management (ICM) for the ACT.  ICM aims to foster cooperation between landholders, community groups and the ACT Government in the integrated management of our shared resources. The Southern ACT Catchment Group has undergone a review of its plans to bring them up to date with existing management strategies for the region and to develop new projects for implementation in the future.
The Southern ACT Catchment Group Catchment Management Strategy can be downloaded in pdf format below. If you would like to obtain a hard copy, please contact SACTCG.


  1. Forward & Layout of the Strategy
  2. Catchment Management Strategy
  3. Catchment Management in the Southern ACT
  4. About our Catchment – Part 1
  5. About our Catchment – Part 2
  6. About our Catchment – JPEG of SACTCG Boundary Map
  7. About our Catchment – Part 3
  8. State of our Catchment
  9. Planning and Legislation Framework
  10. Interpreting the Strategy
  11. Management Categories – Part 1
  12. Management Categories – Part 2
  13. Evaluation of the CMS
  14. References

Existing Management Strategies

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