Landcare for our Future

Landcare for our Future is a series of landcare events in and around Canberra in 2020-2021, set up specifically for young people aged 18-35 🌏

Landcare is a grassroots movement, which came together to tackle environmental degradation and look after the natural places in our communities. It’s one of the largest volunteer movements in Australia, with over 6000 diverse groups. The “friends of” groups we have here in Canberra do such important work maintaining and looking after the parks and reserves we love to visit. But when we look around at these groups, there are hardly any young people.

We want to re-energise landcare in Canberra, make sure that this generation has the knowledge and connection to our local parks and reserves so we can continue landcare into the future- after all- it’s our future 🌱



Landcare for our Future is designed to introduce young people to Landcare and:

🍃Give you new skills in tackling invasive plants, managing erosion and track maintenance, ecosystem monitoring and planting. You can use these skills for landcare in the future, or just caring for your own backyard!

🍃Connect you with other like-minded young people and build a strong network of young people who care about the environment in Canberra.

🍃Connect you with local landcare and parkcare groups in Canberra, and allow for knowledge sharing together.

🍃Make a difference repairing some of our native ecosystems both rurally and right in our Canberra parks and reserves.

🍃Be FUN! We won’t just be working hard, we will be snacking, chatting and having some fun social times as well.

Bring your friends, your colleagues, your siblings- don’t forget to sign up! Places at each event are limited due to COVID safety protocols, so first come first served.


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