Waterwatch Coordination

Funded by the ACT Government, this project employs a part-time Waterwatch Coordinator for southern ACT. This person has the job of supporting the Waterwatch volunteers with supplies of analytical apparatus and chemicals, with training, with collecting, sorting and passing on the volunteers observations and with providing feed-back to the volunteers and the SACTCG committee on the state of local waterways.

The coordinator also has the task of publicising the activities of the volunteers and increasing public awareness of water health issues. For this purpose the Waterwatch Coordinator supports the SACTCG website with a monthly report and seasonal catchment updates. Importantly, the Coordinator presents the SACTCG, and the citizens of southern Canberra, with a report on the waterways in the catchment area which summarises the work of the volunteers.

The Waterwatch Coordinator also is involved in environmental education in the catchment, presenting schools visits on Waterwatch issues, and contributing to holiday education programs associated with Community Libraries and Community Centres.

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