Wildlife Monitoring at Tuggeranong Hill and Cooleman Ridge

Creatures Captured on Camera

Through the Australian Government’s Communities Environment Program, we’ve purchased equipment for wildlife monitoring, and tested a woodland wildlife citizen science program with volunteers. We have successfully recorded some micro-bats with volunteers from Red Hill, and have also managed to get some wildlife monitoring cameras out on Tuggeranong Hill and Cooleman Ridge with the Parkcare groups. Through this process we hope that we can contribute some data to the local wildlife database (Canberra nature map) and train volunteers on how to use the equipment. Next, we can lend out the equipment to any groups or individuals who are keen on getting involved in wildlife monitoring. We have 8 wildlife cameras and 8 bat detectors available. If your group is interested in seeing what’s around your reserve, get in touch. The best time of year for bat monitoring is spring/summer. The wildlife cameras need approval from the land manager, which is easiest done through SACTCG – and approvals can take a few weeks.

Here’s a sneak peak of some of the animals we captured while the cameras were out at Tuggeranong Hill and Cooleman Ridge. Spot the Wild Parkcarer!


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