Namadgi Bushfire Recovery 2021 Update

Namadgi Bushfire recovery Projects 2020-2021


Approximately 80 percent of Namadgi National Park burnt in the devastating fires of 2019/2020 which significantly affected local plants and wildlife. SACTCG has been working with Landcare ACT (LACT) and the ACT Parks and Conservation Service to host a series of events for members of the community to get involved in the bushfire and wildlife recovery effort. This program has helped volunteers address high level risks to biodiversity in Namadgi National Park. Volunteers worked with SACTCG and Park Rangers to weed and replant areas subject to significant weed infestation and reduced habitat for native animal’s post bushfires. There has been a total of 9 events run by SACTCG and LACT, across 2 grant programs funded by the Landcare Australia Bushfire Recovery Grant Program and WIRES – Landcare Wildlife Relief and Recovery Grant Program, in partnership with the ACT Government. Extra funding has come from the Walk for Namadgi Fundraiser held earlier last year.

Volunteers who have taken part described the emotional effect of seeing the park in its current state. This opportunity to work closely with ACT Parks has given volunteers a sense of ownership and agency and the program is important for both environmental and human wellbeing outcomes.

Outcomes achieved across 9 events at Namadgi VIC and Glendale Picnic Area:

  • No. volunteers: 94
  •  Total volunteer Hours: 400+ hrs
  • Area weeded: 25+ hectares
  • Plantings: over 350 native habitat trees, shrubs and groundcovers planted.

Southern ACT Catchment Group is in the running for further funding to support the recovery of Namadgi, so keep an ear out for updates on this!

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