Gudgenby River Catchment Woody Weeds Work

Blackberry, Briar Rose, Hawthorn and poplars are woody weeds that over the last 20 years have spread throughout the ACT and Australia and have been declared as pest species in the ACT.

SACTCG recognises that as a priority the most severe and established infestations must be controlled particularly those near major river systems and valuable public assets and high conservation areas.

Through an ACT Environment Grant this project will undertake a targeted approach by Gudgenby rural lessees in partnership with the SACTCG and the Namadgi depot of Parks and Conservation Service (PCS) working together to attack the most severe infestations in the Gudgenby River Catchment. Key aims of the project are to limit the spread of the weeds into the adjacent Namadgi National Park (NNP) and address infestations at the top of the catchment to reduce further weed dispersal via the Murrumbidgee River Corridor.

To achieve fast and efficient results treatment methods will include foliar spraying as well as mechanical treatments (a ‘slashbuster’) where infestations are too established to reach. Contributions of labour and resources by rural lessees will add significant value to the project whilst providing an opportunity to engage the lessees in this area in conservation management.

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