Restoration of the Cotter

With funding through the ACT Environment Grants this project will address multiple land management priorities in the rehabilitation of a heavily degraded site on the banks of the Enlarged Cotter Dam (ECD) previously used as the construction headquarters of the ECD project.

Its principal aims are to accelerate the rehabilitation process, improve the biodiversity and water quality of the riparian zone and return the natural habitat functions of the woodland through soil amelioration works and the reestablishment of native species to the 21 hectare project area.

The ACT Government have prioritised the protection of water quality and bio-diversity in the lower cotter catchment and this project addresses this priority by using numerous best management practices.

This includes, improving soil condition, the removal of invasive weeds, reducing erosion and subsequent water turbidity, restoring native vegetation (including Yellow Box- Red Gum woodland) and improving habitat connectivity.

The project is a partnership between SACTCG the Parks and Conservation Service management team for the Lower Cotter Catchment, the new Uriarra ParkCare Group who are the community group undertaking environmental volunteering in this area and Icon Water who are providing significant contributions to the work.

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