Landcare for our Future Kicks off for 2021

The Landcare for Future program is kicking off for 2021 with four new events over March and April. The program has been very popular so far, with over 25 participants at Farrer Ridge in October last year.  Young volunteers have really enjoyed the opportunity to get involved in landcare alongside other people their age, as well as learning from the experienced parkcare and landcare volunteers. We’ve had a lot of fun, and made a difference across Southern Canberra with weeding and planting. We will be branching out over the next few events with erosion control, track maintenance and more weeding and planting. We’ll also be exploring rural landcare practises and visiting some rural properties in the ACT.




The program is designed to provide volunteer opportunities for young people, with the chance to gain hands-on experience in land management and landcare. It’s also designed to connect young people with their local landcare or parkcare group- to expand the diversity of their regular volunteer base and increase the longevity of the landcare movement.

Anyone aged 18-35 is welcome to participate, we love to see new faces!



Check out the events coming up here or on this webpage


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