Fetherston Gardens Friends



About Fetherston Gardens

Fetherston Gardens is a public garden under the control of the ACT Government’s City Services.

The 3.5 hectare garden was originally designed and developed as part of the Canberra Institute of Technology’s School of Horticul-ture. The School was opened in 1974.

The Gardens were named after the first and longest serving Head of Horticulture, Tony Fetherston, who inspired their planning and development. The Horti-cultural School’s Weston Campus was closed in 2009 and the Gardens were abandoned. In response to representations from the local and horticultural communities and the Weston Creek Community Council, the ACT Government set aside the Gardens for use by the Weston Creek community.

The Gardens are situated in Fetherston Place, off Heysen Street in Weston. They include anestablished arboretum, woodland garden, native garden, and “secret garden”. The Gardens are maintained by volunteers of Friends of Fetherston Gardens and the ACT Government.

Please keep to the designated pathways and respect the integrity of the gardens. The gardens are intended to be for general community enjoyment and not for exclusive use by any group. Dogs must be kept on a leash and under control at all times.




Fetherston Gardens Friends 

The Fetherston Gardens Friends were formed in 2010 to restore Fetherston Gardens for the use of our local community. The Friends aim to ensure
the legacy of these Gardens is maintained by continuing the tradition of an informal and diverse garden that promotes horticultural education
and knowledge. The Friends coordinate community participation in the Garden’s re-development. A dedicated group of volunteers preserve, maintain, clear, mulch, and plant new trees, shrubs and bulbs. Many of these new plantings have been donated by volunteers and local interest groups, supported by grants and fundraising activities. The work in this Garden is done in conjunction with the ACT Government and supported by the Weston Creek Community Council.
Your participation is welcome!

To find out how to become a Friend of Fetherston Gardens and join our amazing group of volunteers or to find about our regular activities, email us at fetherstongardens@gmail.com.


Working Bees

Working bees are from 10-1pm on the last Sunday of every month (except Dec and Jan) . Morning tea is around 11:30am. There are also working bees on the second Wednesday of every month, though these typically don’t include morning tea and have a lower attendance.

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