Friends of Strangers Pond (Bonython)

The vision of the Friends of Strangers Pond is to maintain and improve this area of Australian bush in Bonython for the preservation of native plants, a home for native animals and for the pleasure of people.


Aims & Activities

•To preserve, protect and improve the natural areas in Bonython centred on (lower) Stranger Pond, including its connectivity to nearby areas such as Pine Island Reserve and Mt Stranger.

• To improve the public amenities without compromising the bush reserve nature of the reserve and adjoining areas

• To preserve the aesthetic values of the Pond and adjoining areas • To protect the native animals and to encourage them to make the area their home – to maintain and encourage the diversity of the area in plants, animals and birds

• To educate residents and visitors in the need to preserve and improve the natural habitat –with an emphasis on eliminating vandalism and careless destruction

• To lobby government and agencies for improvements to the area and the need to safeguard the integrity of the area

• To provide a group of like-minded residents and others to meet, socialise, plan and do volunteer work in the Stranger Pond area. Membership Membership is open all people interested in the promoting the Vision and Aims of the group.


Friends of Strangers Pond is the recipient of an Adopt-A-Park Grant from the ACT Government to run projects in 2020 with aims to improve the area for both wildlife and residents, encourage wildlife through more planting, and increase residential involvement in the process , as well as making the area more accessible to residents by adding in seating and signage.

To get in touch with the Friends of Stranger Pond you can contact or join the Friends of Stranger Pond facebook group. For any more information on the groups activities contact the SACTCG Office.

Check out the all the species that have been spotted in and around Stranger Pond using Canberra Nature Map’s Digital Field Guide


How to get involved

Our volunteers are all ages. We welcome everyone.

Contact: or contact SACTCG at

For more info check out the Facebook Page