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About us

The Isaacs Ridge Mount Mugga Mugga ParkCare Group is a small group of volunteers who meet on the second Sunday of each month to carry out weed management and other conservation activities in Mugga Mugga and Isaacs Ridge Nature Reserves. Some volunteers also work at other times during the month.

Mount Mugga Mugga and Isaacs Ridge Nature Reserves stretch from Hindmarsh Drive to Long Gully Road, bounded by the suburbs of O’Malley and Isaacs on the west and Mugga Lane on the east.

The vegetation of the upper slopes of the Mount Mugga Mugga Reserve and the Red Hill ridge is primarily a Scribbly Gum/Red Box (Eucalyptus rossii / E. polyanthemos) dry forest, with some Apple Box (E. bridgesiana and E.dives) and stands of She-Oak (Allocasuarina verticillata). The ridge provides a significant corridor leading woodland birds north into inner Canberra suburbs. The lower slopes of Mount Mugga Mugga are part of the large and otherwise unprotected Callum Brae and Mugga Lane woodlands, the largest area of the nationally endangered Yellow Box/Redgum (E.melliodora / E. blakelyi) woodland ecological community in Australia. Isaacs Ridge adjoins Mugga Mugga and provides a link to the south to Wanniassa Hills and to the west from Farrer Ridge to Mount Taylor and Cooleman Ridge.

Isaacs Ridge also includes the Isaacs Ridge pine plantation ranging from mature trees to young self-seeded wildings.

Over 400 trees and shrubs were planted on Scrivener Hill in 2010 and the ParkCare Group carries out maintenance and weed control. Approximately 2500 Allocasuarina verticillata, drooping she-oak, have been planted in 2011 on Isaacs Ridge as part of a Greening Australia and ACT Government project to provide food for the threatened Glossy Black Cockatoo.

Vehicle trails provide walking tracks through the west side and ridge of Isaacs Ridge Nature Reserve and pines.

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