Gudgenby Bush Regeneration Group Inc

Who we are

The Gudgenby Bush Regeneration Group (GRBG) is a park care group established in May 1998 to involve the community in the task of rehabilitating land formerly occupied by a pine plantation in Namadgi National Park, 50 km south of Canberra in the ACT. The group has 25 members (2019).


Some history

The Boboyan Pines, a 380ha plantation of Pinus radiata, was established in 1966 on a former grazing lease in the Gudgenby River valley in the southern part of the ACT. The plantation was included in Namadgi National Park when it was declared in 1984. Since Namadgi is significant for its unique landscapes and ecological and cultural values, the 1986 Plan of Management recommended the removal of the pines upon maturity and replacement with suitable native trees and shrubs. Felling of the pines commenced in 1997 and was completed in 2005.

At the time of our formation the specific objectives of the Group were.

  • To control pine and pine wildlings and, if possible, to eradicate Pinus radiata from the Gudgenby Valley
  • To retain the existing natural vegetation, particularly along drainage lines and natural forest inclusions
  • To advance the recovery of natural shrub and tree cover where possible.


What has been achieved since?

Other groups and organisations including Environment ACT, Green Core, Greening Australia and Conservation Volunteers Australia have also been involved. As plantation compartments were felled and harvested, pine residue was allowed to dry and then burnt with a hot fire before broadcasting mixed seed or planting seedlings. Local seed of appropriate tree species was collected by contractors and used as required. By 2005, the whole area had been seeded or planted and is now known as the Gudgenby Bush Regeneration Area. As well as tree planting there has been a very active weed control program carried out by contractors and volunteers to suppress sweet briar, blackberries and other weeds introduced under grazing and plantation regimes.


What we are doing now

The Group has planned work party programs over the winter-spring and autumn periods. Weed control in spring and autumn remains the major priority, supported by regeneration assessment, fence removal and erosion control in winter when weed control is less effective.- Work party size ranges from 6 to 12.

Waterwatch activity has been conducted in the Gudgenby Valley consistently since May 2003. This area is a part of the Murrumbidgee upper catchment system. Seven sites are monitored on three creeks and results show typical indications of high plain creek systems undergoing the stress of drought. Monitoring will continue in order to determine the ongoing effects of lower rainfall.




When we meet

The Group meets on the second Saturday of every month except January and February for an all-day work party with a very convivial lunch break.


Who to contact

If you would like to find out more about the Group and our activities, please contact Doug Brown, President.

When sending us emails, make sure you delete the REMOVEME text in the email address (it’s there to protect us from spam).

Doug Brown:  Phone- 6247 0239 Email-

For further information on Gudgenby Valley Waterwatch contact Martin Chalk: Phone:- 6292 3502. Email:


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