The Southern ACT Catchment group now has a range of postcards available for purchase. Each postcard features local flora or fauna native to our very own catchment.

For more details or to order postcards please ring the catchment office on 62 966 400, or email

Southern Boobook
(Ninox novaeseelandiae)

Stalked Mistletoe
(Amyema miquellii)

Bush Pea
(Pultenea procumbens)

Hop Bush
(Dodonaea viscosa)

Pacific Black Duck
(Anas superciliosa)

Red-necked Wallaby
(Macropus rufogriseus)

Sticky Everlasting & Tall Bluebell
(Xerochrysum viscosum & Wahlenbergia stricta)

Lemon Beauty Heads
(Calocephalus citreus)

Nodding Blue Lily
(Stypandra glauca)

King Parrot
(Alisterus scapularis)