Corporate Volunteering

Would your company like to participate in environmental volunteering? SACTCG has over 30 volunteer groups operating in the south of Canberra that would love to have you on board. The power of corporate volunteering is not only to give back to our local environment, but also to build stronger teams and gain exposure amongst the local community.

SACTCG will provide all the necessary tools, equipment, training, and if required, staff support to ensure a rewarding volunteering experience for your team. Join us in making a difference and creating lasting memories amongst your team members. Also, as a proud supporter of environmental volunteer groups, SACTCG can also help promote your organisations efforts on our social media channels, expanding your impact and recognition.


Your company can make a tangible impact on the environment while showcasing its commitment to social responsibility.

Find out how your team can make a difference through:

One of the biggest threats to our beloved natural areas is weeds. These plants do not belong in our ecosystems and if not managed, can drastically change the ecology of the area. Your team can help overcome this massive challenge by partnering with an established volunteer group all while learning plant identification skills and how to determine non-native plants from native plants.

Habitat loss is a major threat to our local ecosystems and one very important way to restore degraded habitats is by planting native trees, shrubs and ground cover to create safe homes for native wildlife. Many of our experienced volunteers would love to have you on board and show you the ropes while you help create a lasting legacy in our natural areas.  


Due to costs associated with conducting some volunteer work SACTCG often requires support to facilitate the events. Planting events also incur additional costs for ensuring correct approvals and the supplying of plants. Staffed events include training and education, and a light morning tea. Staffed events are recommended for groups of over 12.

The below table is an estimate of costs. Please get in touch using the contact form for more information.

Staffing recommended

How to get involved?

Let us match you up to a group that suits you by filling out the form below. Or if you’d prefer, find a group you would like to join using our Member Group Map

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